This applies to many product categories, including custom lighting, control panels, commercial cooking equipment, inverters, heat/AC units, solar panels, and others. Whether you are seeking full certification that takes you through every step, field certification involving full one-time testing and labeling, or the limited testing in a field evaluation, we can get you into compliance, put a sticker on it, and then we go away. This saves you so much money. Remember: If your products fail your lead times and costs can easily double or more. We’re an investment that will help you avoid those extra costs and delays.

UL 8802

Outline of Investigation for Germicidal Systems


If you are venturing into the world of UV-C and Germicidal systems, be aware that UL has announced a new Outline of Investigation designed for this very purpose.

UL8802 was developed in accordance with the Federal Radiation Control for Health and Safety Act of 1968, the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act and the Code of Federal Regulations, Part 1040, 21 CFR Chapter 1 Subchapter J, Radiological Health.  This OOI will be used along with UL 61010 and UL 1598 and other standards for the safe operation of these systems.

The main purpose of this OOI is to protect subjects in an occupied room from being over exposed to UV and ozone.

The focus of the OOI is to focus on the safeguards required to keep everyone safe. It looks at lockouts and other safety controls required.

If you are going to be working on a UV-C or germicidal products contact us for our help to get your product certified.

Product Safety Consulting has the expertise to help you navigate your product through UL certification as well as the laboratory capacity to analyze and stress test your product.

Product Safety Consulting has provided expert advice since 1988 and we have proficient working knowledge of global safety certification.

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