Minimize time and expense related to bringing a product to market by having your product reviewed, analyzed and tested at PSC’s lab before it’s submitted to an agency for approval. Leverage our more than 150 years of collective safety and compliance engineering experience.


So, rumor has it that you are looking to sell your lighting fixtures in Chicago, but you have no idea on how to make sure that your product meets Chicago’s CCEA code.

Product Safety Consulting is here to help you. We can review your design and make any needed suggestions to get your product into compliance and then help guide you through the NRTL process of having this added to your existing NRTL file or guide you through the new product listing process with any NRTL you’d like to work with.

So, let us know how we can assist you in your quest for the elusive CCEA marking, today!!!

Safety Beyond Standards – SBS™ is our philosophy – it’s how we think and how we help you design your products. We recognize that product safety standards too often represent the minimum requirements. We help you take safety to the next levels – working with PSC you raise the bar so your product not only meets, but exceeds, the standards. We offer a wide range of services including hazard-based engineering assessments, Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) and Accelerated Life Testing.